Fish are friends, not food.

Hi, I’m Bradley — a Product Designer in London.

Fascinated by the way technology impacts our day-to-day experiences, I work with startups in the Education, Medical, and Financial technology space to build products that improve people's lives.

I'm currently leading the design team at Caus.

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My recent work

Designing a product to help those suffering from mental health illnesses through an open communication channel & machine learning.

A design podcast I started to share stories of designer’s very first steps in their career. Crafted to help younger designers pick up valuable insight and knowledge.

Facilitating design workshops at conferences, and teaching classes across EMEA as a community-based extension to the XD team.

I post the majority of my work on Dribbble - it’s a simple and effective way of sharing what I’ve been up to. If you’d like more depth, feel free to get in touch.


Product Strategy

Right from the get go, I work with you to define your idea & explore possible solutions. We’ll identify a core user base, develop a product roadmap, sketch, and validate the product before moving forwards.

User Experience

Everything from product planning, user interviews, research, developing user flows, and wireframes. Let’s make sure your product not only looks incredible, but feels incredible to use.

Visual Design

Producing a strong visual language for your product is front of mind - we’ll produce a breathtaking user interface, built in the context of a design system to ensure it’s scalable well into the future.


Shipping the product is step one - then the real fun begins. We’ll conduct user interviews, A/B test, and monitor the product - then use rapid iteration to improve engagement & growth.

Just getting things ready for you.