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Bradley Gabr-Ryn
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A little about me.

I’m currently the lead designer at New Lion — a mission driven product agency, we work with idea-stage founders as a bolt-on startup team; helping with everything from conceptualisation to roll out strategy.

Outside of New Lion, you can find me launching products of my own, building companies, or helping out good causes. Working in product isn’t a job for me, it’s a passion — I’ll very rarely be without a venture or side project in the pipeline.

I’ve worked with brands such as Capital One, 3M, and Mastercard on projects spanning many different sectors. If you’re looking to build something incredible — ping me an email.

A snapshot of my work.

Here are a couple of choice-shots. Case studies are in the works — I’m just waiting for some interesting projects to launch so I can share them.

Made by Bradley, in London

Ventures & Side projects

There’s always something in the pipeline — if you’re not moving forwards, you’re moving backwards; right? Currently, I’m working on the following projects:

  • Moonshot — a really useful Mac OS app to help you organise your screenshots.
  • uandi studio — a product studio of sorts, a brand name under which to launch products, and invest in companies.
  • Designed.org — an international non-profit originally built to connect designers with mentors, but has since expanded into a broader spectrum of products.

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Whether you’re looking for a mentor to guide you through the world of product, a killer product designer to join your all star team, or just coffee, I’d love to talk.

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You can also reach me directly on Twitter — @TryBradley

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