Bounce Time

Bounce Time

Strategy, Product Design

Bounce Time is a digital product experience that helps families build emotional resilience through daily meaningful moments of connection.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we worked with the BounceWorks founders to devise the vision for Bounce Time. Employing a rapid iteration model and working with a focus group of families, we architected the three core components of the Bounce experience.

Inspired by Stephen Porges' work on the Polyvagal Theory, Bounce Time guides families through three core stages of connection - helping parents to connect with themselves, then guiding the family through deeper connection with eachother, before building the connection with the community.

The vast majority of work on this project was spent in low-fidelity, working directly with the founders, families, and clinicians to build a product that was both enjoyable, well designed, and clinically sound.

We employed a variety of methods to do this, including running our initial design sprint in a family home to greater connect with the audience.

A Shot from Our Sprint HQ - Windows make great boards!

Coming out of the sprint we had a clear direction in mind, and a concrete path forwards. Over the next several weeks we worked with families to test low-fidelity prototypes of the experience (as shown below), helping our team to refine and zero-in on the core value propositions.

A vital component to this process was the variety of families that we worked with - keen to escape any kind of echo chamber, diversity was or number one goal.

Low-fidelity Prototypes

After several weeks of testing and many iterations, we turned our attention to the visuals and refining the interface. Our chosen direction combines calming visuals, with video-game esque elements to create a clean and navigable interface that any member of the family can feel comfortable using.

“This idea is amazing - I love the guidance it brings to our family's emotional awareness, while still being so much fun. It's perfect to keep the kids engaged, and I can feel good knowing I'm setting our family up for the future."

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