Safety Net
University of Yale

Safety Net

University of Yale
Product Strategy, Design

Built on top of the PHQ-2, Safety Net aims to provide crisis prevention support to rural areas without mental health resources.

In late 2018 we were connected with Will, a resident psychologist at the University of Yale. After spending much of his career in the rural South, he knew first hand that the mental health services available were severely lacking, and was on a mission to provide care to those who needed it. He came to us to collaborate on ways in which we might be able to provide mental health care to rural areas using technology to overcome distance and staffing barriers.

After digging into the research, we settled on the product concept here as the V1 of Safety Net. A support experienced based on the PHQ-2, with core flows able to direct people to crisis support systems when necessary.

We set the Safety Net team up with a strong product proposition, service outline, design prototype, and then worked with them to validate the idea for stage one and beyond.

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